Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flew the Coop

Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper is [allegedly] under FBI investigation on charges of unauthorized entrance to a cooperative electric trade group's website. That is a rather interesting way of gathering information for congressional hearings.

CLARIFICATION:  I have added above that the investigation is only reported because there is no confirmation from the FBI that they are investigating Jim Cooper.  In a post I wrote today (Friday) referring to this post, I did describe the hack job in question as "alleged," which is more factual.

UPDATE:  Outgoing Scene editor Liz Garrigan chides us to get a grip on Mr. Cooper's squeaky clean reality.


  1. He IS a Democrat, though I notice you didn't bother to note that.

  2. I HAVE noted it before, though it usually goes without saying.

    Typically, the title, "Blue Dog" is a dead giveaway.