Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Council Member Communication FAIL

According to the Nashville Neighborhoods e-list, CM Sandra Moore failed to communicate her sponsorship of rezoning for a commercial enterprise in residential Waverly Place (12South area) before she failed to communicate her intention to defer the rezoning bill last night:
At the Council meeting on Tue. July 22, Council Lady Moore moved indefinite deferral of the SP-zoning bill that would permit building a 13,000 sq. ft. 2-story commercial building on 10th Ave. South in the all-residential, historic Waverly Place neighborhood. She said the deferral was at the request of the developers. Previously, at the Council's public hearing on the issue on July 7th, opponents were surprised when Ms Moore, who had been uncommitted up to that time, supported the development that is in her home neighborhod. At that hearing, proponents and opponents were both numerous but evenly matched. One of the proponents said the split between the proponents, mostly new to the neighborhood, and the opponents, mostly long-time residents, was a tragedy. Then on Mon. July 20, the Council's Planning & Zoning Committee had approved of Ms Moore's plan to defer. The some dozen Waverly Place neighbors who attended the Council meeting in opposition to the development - they called it "creeping commercialism" into the residential zone - did not learn of the imminent deferral until they arrived at the Courthouse and were told by other Council members before the meeting.

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