Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jim Cooper, Thelma Harper, Mary Pruitt to Meet with District 17 Constituents at Church of Scientology

From the District 17 e-mail list:
U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper, State Senator Thelma Harper and State Representative Mary Pruitt will speak and answer questions at the District 17 “Second Saturday” breakfast, Saturday, July 11, 8-9:30 am.

The long-running breakfast roundtable will be held at the Church of Scientology in the newly-renovated, historic, 1898 Fall School building, 1130 8th Avenue South, at the corner of 8^th Ave. South and Chestnut St..

Dist. 17 Council Lady Sandra Moore, the meeting facilitator, said the legislators were invited in response to constituents' questions about the legislative sessions, especially health care.

A contribution of $5 at the door will be requested for a cafeteria-style breakfast catered by the church.

Enter the parking area behind the church from Chestnut Street. Handicapped access with an elevator to the main floor is located around the corner of the building on the north side (towards downtown). .

The Church of Scientology purchased the 36,000 square foot Fall School building along with adjacent properties at 1112 and 1114 8^th Ave. South last year. This continues the church’s practice of buying and restoring historic properties for use as churches around the country.

The District 17 informational breakfast meetings are usually scheduled for the second Saturdays (except during June and December). The informal, non-partisan forums are for neighborhood leaders and residents from all corners of the district to network with each other and public officials. Dist. 17 ranges from I-40 south to Sevier Park, Berry Hill and Trevecca University.

For more information: Please call the breakfasts sponsor, District 17 Council Lady Sandra V. Moore, 386-9246, or Church of Scientology officials, Rev. Brian Fesler or Julie Forney, 687-4600.
No word on whether any Operating Thetans will be conducting audits during the meeting, but let's hope it doesn't turn into Battlefield Earth.


  1. Mike,

    I'm on what I thought was the only District 17 Google Group and haven't seen this message. If this came from a different source can you enlighten me? I'd prefer not to miss out on the neighborhood's e-metering.