Wednesday, July 01, 2009

News 2's Andy Cordan to Do "Messed Up" Segment on North End Serial Burglar

The folks at WKRN sent me the following e-mail:
We just wanted to let you know that Andy Cordan is doing a Messed Up segment about this repeat offender Darren Hardemon on Monday at 5pm. We see you all have done A LOT of work investigating this guy and trying to get him out of your neighborhood! We hope to shed some more light on this and hope that you and your neighborhood association will be able to watch! We’d love to hear your feedback as well! Thanks!
Salemtown residents will be particularly interested, I'm sure, in this Messed Up feature.

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  1. I bet if he gets out for the 4th AND if he can catch a ride north, he will find some of his friends up in Hendersonville doing the same thing. We've had a significant influx of crime from North Nashville residents lately. I hope that Salemtown and the rest of Nashville finds a way to end the revolving door of justice on crimes like this, because it's affecting us all. I'll be watching Andy tonight on Channel 2. Thanks for the update!