Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does Giarratana's Letter to Planning Fail to Stipulate Any Real Irregularities Based on Planning Regs?

A member of the Nashville neighborhoods leaders e-list takes a long look at Planning's rules of procedure and finds the May Town developer's request for a commission re-vote on May Town Center lacking:
looking into the rules and regulations of the Planning Commission it states that a request for reconsideration must state: 1. what conditions have changed (in the case none...[Tony Giarratana] just didn't like the outcome) OR 2. what new information is available (again...none...he just didn't like the vote.)

Also, the Executive Director and the Chair of the Planning Commission can decide whether to recommend it for rehearing. This will be interesting since their own rules address what must be considered.

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  1. & now Tony G has said he'll reduce the density as required - anything that Rick Bernhardt requires to get it through the MPC