Monday, July 13, 2009

Homeless Crime in Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Subject of Upcoming News 2 Report

A neighborhood leader from the Trimble Action Group of Chestnut Hill tells the Nashville Neighborhoods Leaders e-list that Andy Cordan will be looking into a problem that his community is having with homeless suspects stealing wire from construction sites and ripping it off buildings:
ABC local affiliate Channel 2 News will air a segment on the problem we are having in Chestnut Hill. The homeless are stealing any wire that can be sold for scrap recycling and burning it in our neighborhood to strip it bare.

This releases toxic smoke into the air, puts our neighborhood at risk for fire and puts everyone in the position to be ripped off of any wire that they can steal from your car, home or business.

There is only a code violation used to stop this problem, which is impossible to enforce. The homeless don't have ID and don't stick around long enough to be cited. The police can't arrest them as what they are doing isn't illegal, but ONLY a code violation against open burning in Tennessee.

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