Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gulch Ain't Shangri-La, Says One NY Times Mag Commenter

Serious drawbacks, yes:
Just spent yesterday considering a move to condo living in The Gulch. It is certainly an interesting place, but nothing below $150K available. No affordable housing, as far as I can see. No grocery store. No green space. Average age probably in the late 20’s to 30’s. Few babies/children/etc. Could not find one piece of information on urban gardening. Schools zoned for The Gulch are abysmal. All in all, if you are single or DINKs, it is a swell (underline swell) place.
As bright and shining as neighborhoods like the Gulch are, Nashville will never be a serious urban destination until it makes room for kids, good schools and more generational/income diversity in city neighborhoods.


  1. Funny how it takes a NYT writer to point out that $150k is not affordable housing, in spite of how hard Nashville developers and realtors work to convince everyone otherwise.

  2. Well, I am not an NYT writer, but a Brentwood writer (almost as bad if not worse for affordable housing). My trip to the Gulch was to consider moving back to the city to what I consider city amenities. The Gulch does not meet many of those amenities for me. I am not interested in the singles scene basically. I am interested in working, living, raising a family, and growing old in a diverse urban place. Ain't The Gulch...