Sunday, July 19, 2009

West Nashville Community Plan Bumped by May Town Again

A Nashville neighborhood leader points out that the west Nashville community plan, which conflicts with the May Town Center proposal, has been bumped off Thursday night's consent agenda mostly likely for deferral, since the commission is also entertaining a do-over for May Town developers on the same night. Consent agenda items are recommendations that are approved as a group without debate.

The west Nashville community plan would protect existing neighborhoods from becoming the drive-through spaces that building bridges to Bells Bend would produce. The Metro planner in charge of the community plan, Anita McCaig, is not answering e-mail queries regarding Planning's preferential treatment for May Town developer Tony Giarratana over the expectations of west Nashville residents.

The community plan had already been bumped off a May agenda due to CM Lonell Matthews' rushed introduction of the MTC proposal.

UPDATE: Metro Planning spokesperson Craig Owensby responds to this post by saying:
The West Nashville Community Plan was never on the consent agenda - we don't do that with community plan updates.

LATER UPDATE: A Hillwood leader claims that Planners told one of their gatherings that the West Nashville Community Plan would be put on the consent agenda at the Planning Commission meeting.


  1. This is not only disappointing but outrageous. West Nashville has worked hard and deserves better.

  2. Craig Owensby confirmed to me that the W. Nashville Plan is still on the of Monday 11.15am

  3. The question is not whether it is still on the agenda, but whether it got bumped off the consent agenda.

  4. Another case of "Stirring the Pot" when the fire is hot!

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