Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another dissatisfied Tennessean non-customer calls News 2 for help with stopping newspaper's "free" litter

I have stopped blogging about the Tennessean's inexcusable habit of throwing unwanted copies of Davidson AM because, after a couple of posts and cranky visits to their Broadway offices, they stopped throwing their trash in my yard. However, the newspaper's use and abuse of other non-customers continues:

The problem of the Tennessean littering Salemtown recently came up at a Salemtown Neighbors meeting, and the association may put a petition together to ask the Tennessean to get consent of residents before delivering free papers. I hope it works, but I'm not optimistic that asking the Tennessean to stop is enough to convince them to stop. It may have to come to blows of a more intimidating kind, like hitting them in the pocketbook.


  1. Just FYI, I live on the other side of town from you and I get the (Williamson AM) paper only sporadically. But when I do get it, I get at least 2 complete sets of papers in the bag. I once got three. Not only do I get a paper I don't want, I get multiple copies of a paper I don't want. I don't know if this is the carrier's idea (maybe he gets to go home sooner), or if its just another way to inflate circulation numbers.

    They will not stop this until advertisers complain about being charged based on inflated circulation numbers.

  2. I also get litter-papers thrown in my driveway from an outfit called "The News". They do free newspaper for different parts of town; you can pick them almost anywhere IF YOU WANT ONE.

    I got so tired of their ignoring my requests not to throw at my house that I ended up calling some office with the State; I forget which one - it's been several months - but the lady there was very familiar with the complaint, hears it from a lot of people, but there's nothing legally anyone can do.

    Me: So they can throw something onto my property, something I will only pick up and drop straight into the trash bin, and I've told them I don't want it, and they do it anyway, but somehow that's not considered littering?
    State Lady: Yes, unfortunately.

    So I changed my tactic. Instead of picking it up and putting it straight into the trash, I put it in the car. Then, next time I'm near their office, I throw them out the window onto THEIR driveway.

    I know it doesn't accomplish much but it makes me feel better. I wanted to pour used cat litter down into the wrapper along with it, plus maybe some egg shells or old fruit, but State Lady said that crosses the line into ... littering!