Thursday, December 03, 2009

Even in America it takes police protection to brave a teabagger mob

Watch how teabagger protesters close upon and harass this guy for walking around in America with a sign supporting a public option in health care, and then convince me that the "Tea Party Patriots" wouldn't have violated his free speech had he had no police cordon around him:

Woe to you who buck the teabaggers without armed security.


  1. I wonder how much SEIU paid this lard ass to carry that banner. I can see why he’s for the government option. It looks like he is unemployable and will need medical care fairly soon.

    The only people I’ve read about roughing up their fellow citizens at protest rallies are SEIU union thugs. Do you honestly think that if a person carried a comparable opposition banner at a leftist rally that they would get a police escort and not get their ass stomped?

  2. Those Tea Bag Fags remind me of a bunch of Jerry Springer viewers.
    They don't understand anything, don't want to understand anything and for the most part, aren't capable of understanding anything.

    Not one college education in the entire group. Just a tiny brood of Glenn Beck worshipers who are still disgruntled over being kicked to the curb in '06 and '08.


    They're just traitors. Chickenhawk traitors who are trying to emulate us when it comes to protest. And doing a horrible job at that.
    Nobody takes them seriously, no one ever will. They have no argument.
    They're like PUMAS without the fem.

  3. Teabaggers: Filling Lefty Orificium Since 2009

  4. From Captainkrona's web site:

    “A Liberal Christian dedicated to exposing the blasphemy of the Conditional Salvation Mentality and the Right-Wing Republican Liars that have hijacked the Christian Religion.”

    This has got to be a joke. You have faith in that fantasy and you think that other people are irrational. If true it makes just about everything you spew suspect to say the least.