Monday, December 07, 2009

Iron Maiden

Sheesh. Where does the Vice Mayor get off?
When the Tennessee State University radio personality and self-proclaimed “independent voice of the people” first emailed the Council to invite members to discuss the proposed $585 million convention center, Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors denied the request, saying those matters couldn’t be discussed before the project’s finance plan was unveiled.

“As you may be aware, a request was made that meetings not be held to discuss the proposed convention center until the legislation has been filed,” Neighbors wrote in an email. “Until then, we do not have the details.”
Can you think of any other Metro service that council members could not discuss before the financing was in place in June? Libraries? Parks? Sidewalks? Transit? Since she became Vice Mayor, Ms. Neighbors has micromanaged debate of issues in council chambers. She seems to be willing to try to extend her iron fist to debate outside the chambers, too.

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