Monday, December 07, 2009

Perfection must not mean what it used to

While I'm not surprised at MDHA's defensiveness toward a recent auditor's conclusions against their handling of the convention center, after several years of observing and working with them in other areas, I spit-took reading this:
"We strive for perfection and hold ourselves to high standards," MDHA Executive Director Phil Ryan wrote in a letter to two of Dean's top aides. "We are proud of our performance and stand by our results."
Now it's the Mayor's turn. MDHA has copped the same attitude toward PR-gate since the beginning. However, Karl Dean's office has not been as quick to move against MDHA as it was the Parks Department for budget overages, and the Mayor told the media that he was sure that MDHA had made changes requested by the audit.

But why would they make changes if they're proud of their performance with its perfectionist drive?

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