Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nashville law student strives to organize other budding legal eagles to oppose the Music City Center in the name of jobs

A progressive Jew from the Bible Belt interrupts her adventures and calls her cohort to fight City Hall and the dirty tricks in the designs for a new convention center:
While I have generally refrained from taking a side in the convention center fight, able to see the merits of both sides of the argument, something has come to my attention that makes me want to fight the pro-convention center PR flacks with all of my might. It's something that I must also call to the attention of my fellow Tennessee-based law students, because it adversely affects all of us .... we must all stand together in opposition to the Music City Center

....for many of us based in Nashville, applying to clerk for Tennessee judges is our only realistic option. And that option is being hurt by the antics of the Cooley Public Strategies pro-convention center crowd.

You know how long these judicial nomination processes, and pretty anything else that goes through the Senate, take. They can't even do something simple in a reasonable amount of time, like pass healthcare reform. If the process is forced to slow down even further, we may not have the seat filled by the time applications are due over the summer.

In short--the convention center people have come between hyper-ambitious, gunner-licious law students and the chance at a federal clerkship. We must all unite to show them how dangerous of a place that is to be!

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