Monday, December 28, 2009

Majority of likely Nashville voters said "no" to a new convention center in mayoral election opinion poll

Music City Center proponents keep straining to embrace the claim that when Nashvillians elected Karl Dean as Mayor, the voters were voting to support building a convention center. As if you can even make that claim absent a poll specifically asking about support for a new convention center.

Oh, wait. What? You say we have results from an independent poll of likely voters? What? That poll was taken in conjunction with the mayoral election in 2007? So, we can actually judge separately from Mr. Dean's polling numbers whether or not a majority of voters supported or opposed building the Music City Center? And MCC proponents never mention it because they didn't like the results?
New Convention Center Opposed: Of likely voters in the Mayor contest, 37% say Nashville should build a new convention center; 51% say Nashville should not.

Asked of 547 Likely voters
Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.3%

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