Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Nashville flood: North Nashville believes it is one of the communities ignored by flood relief agencies

Tennessean reporter Nate Rau's coverage of Nashville's neglected neighborhoods is not to be missed:
In the aftermath of the destructive flooding, some neighborhoods feel like they are slipping through the cracks even though the city says it has been sending help as quickly as possible ....

Just as individual volunteers have had to fill the gaps in East and South Nashville, the Bordeaux community, which was hit hard by flooding, has relied on a grass-roots response.

"The response and amount of resources that were put into Bordeaux was slower than some of the other communities that were hit just as hard as Bordeaux," Metro Councilman Lonnell Matthews Jr. said, pointing fingers at government, the media and FEMA. "I'm not saying they shouldn't have gotten attention, but the response time should have been equal."

Matthews said grass-roots organizers were planning to set up a long-term assistance center in the Bordeaux area that will serve residents for months.
Jump over to the Tennessean piece to see how some East and South Nashvillians feel left out of relief, too.

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