Sunday, May 02, 2010

2010 Nashville flood: Salemtown resident observes attempts to protect Metro Water Service chlorine tankers from rising Cumberland River

The following disturbing e-mail was sent to the Salemtown Neighbors list from a local resident attempting to monitor the rising Cumberland River flood waters near the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant:
I'm at 2nd Ave and Cement Plant Rd (by metro water). They've blocked the road because they are doing some major opperation to contain the Chlorine storage area that is flooded (or in danger of it).

Their head of security, Mr. Jobe, got in my farce and very aggressive. When I asked him if we were in any danger. he refused to answer and told me to leave. I'm now parked on the (public) road where he can't be a dick. Nasty smells are over here though. Pass the news along and alert the press. We could have a problem.
Last fall, I blogged on the risk of Metro storing chlorine tankers in an open, exposed area. I'm not aware of any media coverage of this risk or measures taken to protect the community from a chlorine spill, but this is an alarming situation.

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