Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A West Nashville neighborhood needs your help

In the Robertson-Urbandale-Nations neighborhood, an industrial site landowner has been buying up residential properties and now wants to convert an entire block to industrial land-use, including having Metro abandon an alley so that he can swallow up the remaining houses.

Neighbors are organized to stop the rezoning from residential to industrial and they ask for other concerned Nashvillians' support by signing their petition. As you can see by the photos of the neighborhood residences compared to the hard-core industrial site above, rezoning would only spread blight further into the community.

If the rezoning is approved by the Planning Commission in June and later approved by the Metro Council, a precedent will be set that could encourage the business owner to eat up other residences in surrounding blocks and eliminate alleys to consolidate everything into big-box blight.

This West Nashville neighborhood is fighting for their quality of life, community character, and home values just like the rest of us would if we faced unchecked commercial growth where we live. Please support these folks just as you would like support if in their position. We could find ourselves facing the same challenge some day while asking them to return the favor.


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