Thursday, May 27, 2010

IMPORTANT MEETING TONIGHT!! On Greyhound Bus terminal relocation northwest of Downtown

From this morning's Hope Gardens e-list:
Time: May 27, 2010 from 6pm to 7pm
Location: First Baptist Church, Capitol Hill 625 Rosa L Parks Boulevard

Hello all,

If you haven't heard, we are getting the greyhound bus terminal in our area. Many of us oppose this and have been working to get rid of the terminal. Supposedly the terminal will only be there for 15 months (too long in my opinion, but not permanent).

That said, we've learned our lesson about trusting the nashville government. Last year we were promised that our children would always have the option to go to the Hillwood cluster (good schools) over our zoned school district (bad schools). They lied to us. We do not have that option. So we need to make sure they keep their promise that this is only temporary.

We believe this is a very undesirable thing to have near us. Murfreesboro road residents felt the same way and defeated a relocation to their area last year.

John Shenk has scheduled a meeting tomorrow with the government agencies responsible for this secret move (no one was told / consulted about the relocation of the terminal. -- though Erica Gilmore knew she did not tell any of us). The media will be there. We need you there. We need as many people to come as possible to show strength & solidarity in our numbers.
On a related note, I've left a message with Joe Cain at MDHA to call me in order to request a copy of the lease between the Convention Center Authority and Greyhound. This lease should be public record. I'll keep calling Mr. Cain until I get a response, and I'll go over to MDHA later if I have to.

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