Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music City Center fallout close to their neighborhood angers some Hope Gardens leaders

Music City Center construction effectively moved the blight and crime of the Greyhound bus out of Downtown and sandwiched it between the Fisk Area/Gulch/Hope Gardens neighborhoods in an abandoned car dealership.

Hope Gardens leaders expressed anger yesterday on the neighborhood e-list after finding out about the plans through the news media. They are also organizing to fight the move:

We have just learned that the work going on at the corner of charlotte & 11th (Map) is going to be the new location for greyhound.

Though this is just a "temporary" relocation -- temporary may be a year or years. They are spending $500,000 on the remodel and plan to occupy as of June 2nd.

Other communities have banded together to make sure that this did not happen in their neighborhood, one such example is Murfresboro, which is NOT a very nice area. See this article:

And the reason is obvious, they got their canned cleaned last time, so they SNUCK this in.

We are meeting tomorrow at 11AM at the community center to stop this.

Our strategy is 4 fold:

1) Political : rally the neighborhoods & gulch residents to stop this
2) Legal : file an injunction
3) Media : get the media to shed light on the fact that our community did not have a voice in this at all
4) Economic:
- Crosland must clean up all 24 acres that they have in preparation for this nuisance
- They need to remove foliage, manicure, remove any "hiding places" where crime elements will be harbored and add lighting
- Contact the owner at the Velocity building (where there is very little occupancy) and get them on our side
- Get businesses around that are to turn against it.

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