Friday, January 21, 2011

Crowdsourcing opportunity on Metro's Fairgrounds e-mails

I obtained 700 pages of Metro e-mails released under the Freedom of Information Act (.pdf), and I have uploaded them to Google Docs for public consumption and comment. If you are interested in reading and analyzing them, then jump here: I will blog feedback I get back on the e-mails.


  1. Miss USA was at the racetrack in October!

  2. I think the reason the Fair did not make money is because they did not book any of those cover bands

  3. In 2010 the very profitable State Fair event was leased to Rockhouse Properties.

    A relatively small amount was paid by Rockhouse to lease the property - use the official logo & Fairgrounds equipment and more - then Rockhouse kept the profits from the event (vs. these monies going to the Fairgrounds).

    In past years the Fairgrounds was able to keep State Fair profits to offset operating expenses. In 2010 - Rockhouse kept the profits.

    According the 12/11/2008 Fair Board meeting minutes (which are on the Nashville website):
    "On December 31, 2009 the Board would "hand over the keys" to the Mayor and the City of Nashville."

    Karl Dean and his directs decide what events happen at the Fairgrounds. Look and you will see that they have sabotaged Fairgrounds profitability.

    In this situation leasing the State Fair, letting a third party reap the profits, was an incredibly bad business decision - unless you want the business to be unprofitable.

    Also, last year only 5 races were allowed.

  4. Just read all of the emails. Seems Mr. Dozier and his assistant, former Metro Policeman Ken Sanders, scheduled themselves to play in golf tournaments twice in the short time span that the emails came from. These golf tournaments were played on Metro time. Since Ken Sanders is hourly, I would love to know if he was on the clock while teeing off.