Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Middle Tennessee Council for the Blind asks CMs to vote against racetrack demolition

Jo Anne Stombaugh appeals by e-mail to Metro Council:
On behalf of the Middle Tennessee Councile of the Blind, I am very concerned about the proposal to do away with the race track at the State fair grounds. Our Council of the Blind has several members who enjoy participating in tandem bike riding at that site every Tuesday night with the Harpeth Tandem Biking Club. They say that it is a very safe environment in which visually impaired persons can learn to ride tandem bikes while enjoying the companionship of their sighted peers. There is great concern about finding another safe venue if the race track is closed. Please keep these facts in mind while making a decision and consider carefully the needs and desires of the disabled community of Nashville. Thank you for hearing my concerns about this matter.
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