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Deanieleaks #6: Mayor's Office e-mail correspondence on the State Fairgrounds

The next exchange in the series of e-mails between the Mayor's Office and the State Fair executive, Buck Dozier, evinces concerns with risking spokespeople getting "trapped" unscripted by media or CMs. It also suggests that justifications for the Mayor's Fairgrounds plan are not necessarily straightforward and the arguments for the plan are not known by common rote. Moreover, rather than slowing down the process to permit more consideration and discussion, the Mayor's Office merely asks for talking points to counter Dominy's arguments.

[Original Message]
From: Dozier, Buck (State Fair)
To: Compton, Toby (Mayor's Office)
Subject: Council Meeting
Date: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:35:57 AM


Should I be there tonight? Weaver and I will be before the committee soon. You know that I don't mind being there. I would suggest that it might be better if I wasn't there so not to get trapped by media and councilpersons.

It is first reading anyway, so they cannot ask any questions from the floor.

Your perspective and wisdom?

[Reply Message]
From: Compton, Toby (Mayor's Office)
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:51 AM
To: Dozier, Buck (State Fair)
Subject: RE: Council Meeting

Thanks for checking. I talked with Marty about it too and we think you shouldn't bother with tonight. The ordinance, with all likelihood, will be deferred this evening by Council Rule 8 [automatically defers a bill affecting a single district not sponsored by the district's CM]. And, you are right, there will be other times to come on this, for sure.

Below is correspondence we just received from Dominy to [CM Vivian] Wilhoite for a public meeting. As you probably know, Sandra Moore is very interested in a meeting too. We will see how this shuffles out.

In the meantime, look this letter over. It has a few bullet points that we have seen worded like this before. What are some talking points for the allegations that over the past three years there have been particularly large deficits?

Also how was the board meeting this morning? If you want to talk by phone, I will be around after I grab a bite.

   File: 0975_001.pdf

Toby Compton
Office of Mayor Karl Dean
Legislative Director
(615) 862-6000

[Reply Message]
From: Dozier, Buck (State Fair)
To: Compton, Toby (Mayor's Office)
Subject: RE: Council Meeting
Date: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 12:21:54 PM

The Board Meeting went fine. Nothing major at all. I saw this letter. [James] Weaver [Fair Board Chair and Hickory Hollow lobbyist] has asked Howell Townes [State Fair Finance Officer] to provide him and me some statistics to answer these questions. We can and will answer them. It is complicated to answer them, but it can be done. Weaver and I are expected to meet as soon as we get the details for our future presentation. When do you need the bullet points?

I will be in New York next week on vacation. Kristi [Dozier's Assistant] can get me if you need me. I told Weaver also. We are suppose to meet with Vivian sometime out here to brief her on the subject before us.

I hear the Election Commission has narrowed the field. Haven't heard who made the cut yet.

The preparation time with his Finance Officer seemed to have paid off for Fair Board Chair Weaver, who a little later got his name in the paper by responding to a local reporter separately via e-mail, countering Dominy tit for tat.

I will continue to publish more e-mails in the run-up to Tuesday's council consideration of the Fairgrounds bills. (Jump to Deanieleaks #1. Jump to Deanieleaks #2. Jump to Deanieleaks #3. Jump to Deanieleaks #4. Jump to Deanieleaks #5.)

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  1. If Dozier is telling the truth how can he get trapped? The mayor seems to be smart enough not to let Buck in on what was going on because he knows Buck would blow it.

    Did Vivian Wilhoite forward her email from Dominy to the mayor? Is she in on this too working behind the scenes with Dean? What does she expect to get out of this?