Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Megan Barry curiously backs off leadership of her own bill

The controversy surrounding the bill that would add council certification to the Mayor's plans to demolish the Fairgrounds racetrack began when Megan Barry introduced the bill the same day the Mayor's Office announced its new direction, organized the "gang of five" co-sponsors, and acted as gang spokesperson in the media and in e-mail correspondence to opponents of the gang.

Last Saturday she seemed ready to pass off the lightning rod she took up as gang leader:
Several council members on Saturday suggested the legislation be deferred to allow for more debate. Approached by The City Paper, Barry deflected questions on her plans for the bill to Councilwoman Sandra Moore, who represents the surrounding fairgrounds neighborhood and has co-signed the legislation. Moore said she would consider deferring the bill.
This is not the first time the Dean Team has handled CM Sandra Moore's district business. However, they also attack any opponents who demand other plans for the Fairgrounds by defending CM Moore's councilmanic privilege.

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  1. Richard Lawson's blog stated recently that the RFD plan put together by the mayor's office includes homes that back up to the fairgrounds.

    Will the city pay for these homes as part of the RFD? What type of dollar value will they place on these homes? After Riebeling and the city paid way too much for the West Nashville Precinct, it would be interesting to say what they propose paying the owners of these properties.

    Makes me wonder who actually owns these properties?