Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deanieleaks #4: Mayor's Office e-mail correspondence on the State Fairgrounds

The next sequence of e-mail passing between Buck Dozier and the Mayor's Office indicates Dozier's interest in working wherever Dean staffers need him whether continuing as Fair Director or running for the Election Commission.

From: Dozier, Buck (State Fair)
To: Hinote, Greg (Mayor's Office) [Deputy Mayor]
Subject: Questions
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 9:54:44 AM

Who will be our point person on the move to Hickory Hollow? There are many questions and logistical problems still to be worked out. We submitted our best estimates on cost and what was needed to renovate the building to Alexia some time ago.

One of the traps that we could fall in is that the Hickory Hollow property would not be ready in January. Some of our biggest shows are in the first quarter of the year. Any thought as to keeping this property open for those events. My advice is to do so. If we lose those shows and vendors (including the flea market vendors), it will be very difficult to get them back.

Further, to complicate your life, if there is any desire to keep us open out here during the construction phase, we should make the announcement at the latest next Thursday, before the next flea market. Our February and March shows are booking now, and preparing their advertisement.

Lastly, I want to be where you all need me the most. The dealing is tomorrow on the Election Commission. However, I will not put my name in if you all need me to complete this project for you. I enjoy this work. But I see needs in Metro that I can help with often. Councilman Crafton is putting his name in for the Election Commission.

Sorry, for the length. Trying to keep things moving. Good move on the park in the flood plain.

I will continue to publish more e-mails in the run-up to Tuesday's council consideration of the Fairgrounds bills. (Jump to Deanieleaks #1. Jump to Deanieleaks #2. Jump to Deanieleaks #3.)


  1. I've been reading your blog over the course of the past couple of months, Mike, and really enjoy the efforts you've undertaken regarding the Fairgrounds. The Deanieleaks seem to be the icing on the cake! I anticipate Buck's emails will become more revealing over the next few days. Anxiously awaiting new leaks! Or what would also be considered "Metro exposed for what it truly is." Mayor Dean, this is a fight you cannot and will not win!

  2. The Deanieleaks are better than football right now!! Why has the mainstream media failed to report anything on these backrooms deals?

    Buck Dozier is such a sell out!! He has obviously sold his soul to Hizzoner and the boys. He is worse than Vic Lineweaver. This demonstates his desperate behavior as a Wannabee. He is finished in Nashville.

    The sad part is that he is so naive as to think that he is part of Dean's circle. As soon as they don't need him, they will cut him lose in a heartbeat. Look for him to be let go by Dean to give the illusion that Dean knew nothing of it. They are keeping him on only because Buck knows too much. Don't forget, Alexia Poe is in this too (even if she is on maternity leave).

    I do hope that you have shared these emails with the members of Metro Council and the media. If any Council member votes with Dean after this, perhaps we should ask for a copy of their emails too. Let's expose all of the skeletons in the closet.

    This is the power of the press that so many shed blood to protect, not Gail Kerr's editorials written by McNeely, Pickett, and Foxx.

    Way to go Mike! You are Nashvillian of the Year in my book.

  3. If the deal goes down and the duplexes behind the fairgrounds go too, two wealthy Nashville families become a lot wealthier. These two families own the entire block behind the fairgrounds as rental properties.

    One family is closely linked to Buck and his church. Dozier might eventually sell out to the mayor, but it would cost Dean a lot more for Dozier to sell out his church buddies.

    I would like to know the identities of "Buck's buddies."

  4. To the last comment-- are you speaking of the Hammond family? What is in it for them?