Monday, January 17, 2011

WSMV gets their own copy of Deanieleaks e-mails and asks Dean administration critical questions about them

Tonight Channel 4 reporter Nancy Amons aired a story on Metro's Fairgrounds e-mails I have been leaking here at Enclave since last Friday. Ms. Amons had obtained her own set of e-mails and she directly asked Metro officials what was meant by directives like "sowing doubt" among council members, which is a lot more direct than any of the other journos have been during this regrettable episode. Enclave has had a higher than usual volume of web traffic since I started publishing these e-mails and a number of those visits have come from the station's IP address.

If you have been keeping up with these Deanieleaks you will recall that the Dean administration expressed pleasure at the favorable coverage they seemed to receive from WSMV last autumn. I'm hoping that the Dean Team's self-satisfaction with the way they break and bridle the media shamed WSMV into a more probing and bold investigative stance that we will continue to see as we build toward the end of Karl Dean's first term.

This is the kind of responsible media attention the Mayor's Fairgrounds campaign has needed for months. The only thing I need now is more of it.

UPDATE: Jump to Nancy Amons' story.

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