Thursday, January 13, 2011

How many trademarks do these sign-industry-produced anti-racetrack signs violate?

I've been loath to join recent discussions of campaign yard sign wars that tend to be the focus of racetrack opponents' online expressions of moral outrage. Yard signs are overrated means of conducting a campaign since people usually are not swayed to support or oppose something based on reading them.

However, I do want to draw your attention to a sign that was -- I am told by a well-placed source -- professionally produced by Bobby Joslin, owner of Joslin Signs, for the supporters of the Mayor's plan to demolish the racetrack and sell off the Fairgrounds to private developers. The sign ironically includes a photo of racer and racetrack supporter Jimmy Johnson's car displaying all of Johnson's commercial sponsors.

So, does the sign imply that Lowe's, Chevrolet, or Kobalt Tools endorse the Mayor's plan to demolish the racetrack?


  1. Bobby Joslin, same sign man that made the Dean campaign signs. Isn't he also in a photograph hugging dean in another story posted here ?

    If you don't know signs, Know which sign man is a crook and who to avoid.

  2. Can you say copyright infringement?

    See you in court Bobby.

  3. Only a retard would think that the items behind the red slash want to demolish the track.

  4. The story is not about the copyright infringement - good luck getting Jimmy Johnson to weigh-in there. The story is, of all the sign guys in town, Keith Moorman and Fred Agee just so happened to call the Mayor's sign guy, Bobby Joslin. Bullsh*t. I'd like to see how many signs he produced and who paid the bill. This is not about SNAP, this is a well-hidden puppet job orchestrated by the Mayor's office and MPF. SNAP is just a pawn.