Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another White Georgia Republican Calls A Black Man "Uppity"

While I was able to catch Georgia Republican Lynn Westmoreland's derogatory referral last week to Barack Obama as "uppity" (a term that is racially loaded in the south) I missed this comment by another Georgia Republican, Rick Goddard earlier that same day:
Last night, Newt Gingrich disarmed a very uppity newscaster [MSNBC's Ron Allen] who tried to question him on the capabilities and leadership of Governor [Sarah] Palin.
If you watch the video of the Gingrich interview, you'll see Allen doing exactly what a good journalist, black or white, is supposed to do, probe with critical and searching questions:

Babe Ruth once said of the "Georgia Peach," "Ty Cobb is a prick." It looks like these two other Georgians are giving Cobb a run for his money in their persecuted-white-man's-burden attitudes.

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