Saturday, September 06, 2008

Boots on the Ground: McCain Operatives Sent to Alaska to Obstruct Palin's Troopergate Probe

According to Newsweek, Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin (a.k.a., "First Dude," a.k.a., "Snowmobiling Salmon Farmer") has retained his own lawyer, because he apparently called a public safety official to Her Honor the Governor's office himself and "improperly intervened in state business" by asking him to check a state trooper's status. Must have been a slow spawning season on the farm. How many other regular Alaskans could walk into the Governor's office, call a commissioner into her office, and start demanding stuff?

Anyway, between all of the lawyers now involved and the McCain operatives pulling the Alaska GOP strings, Sarah Palin's troopergate investigation is sure to hit many brick walls before November. If John McCain had 100 years, he would probably stretch this war of attrition out that long, too.

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