Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clueless. Absolutely Clueless about the Bush Doctrine.

Sarah Palin is in over her head on foreign policy. She's barely treading water on the deep end of the pool.

"His worldview"?! Like when he says he prays to God to help him make the right decisions? No, that would be the Bush dogma.

It was obvious that she had no comprehension and that she could not at least present reassuringly in the absence of knowledge. She was really stretching and trying to hide her blanking on the Bush Doctrine, which can't be taught in an overnight cram session on how to stick it to community organizers at the lectern.

Instead, she seemed to be learning the Bush Doctrine from Charlie Gibson. The editing makes it look like somebody went easy on her and didn't let her ramble on but cut to her main points, even as weak as they were. Did the editors mercifully reduce what Charlie Gibson called her "blizzard of words"?


  1. I'm hoping against hope that, in their debate, Biden asks her to comment on the situation in Freedonia...