Friday, September 12, 2008

Maybe If Republicans Stamp Their Feet and Whine Some More, We'll Believe the Interview Actually Went Well

First, the Republicans shield Sarah Palin from the evil foreign policy questions of CNN's Campbell Brown. Then they won't let her around the press beyond the photo ops and sound bites of campaign stops. When they finally relent and allow Sarah Palin to be interviewed, they get the soft touch journalist and the unchallenging venue they desire: ABC's Charlie Gibson in a Barbara Walters-style interview.

Now, Republicans are responding to Sarah Palin's inability to answer some fairly routine questions from Gibson--who obviously looked awkward in even pressing questions Palin didn't understand and then handed her the answers--by accusing ABC of fraud.

So, what's next? What kind of interviewer will they demand tomorrow for Sarah Palin? A muppet?

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