Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not So Willing to Win a War and Lose an Election After All

In using her Iraq-bound son as campaign prop last night, Sarah Palin may have also violated Operational Security, according to Generally, disclosing the date of deployment is illegal. But Governor Palin may not have technically violated the law since she wasn't telling the truth: Track Palin is not going to be deployed on September 11, like she claimed. He's going to be part of a ceremony, "though one Public Affairs Officer said that any details of the upcoming ceremony hadn't been made public yet by the military." So, either she knowingly didn't tell the truth or she doesn't understand sensitive Operational Security protocols, even though the McCain campaign argues that her executive experience with the Alaskan National Guard qualifies her to be next in line to be commander-in-chief.

Even if Governor Palin isn't exactly threatening our security, the so-called "patriotic" right-wing blogosphere is. According to VetVoice, conservative bloggers have gone viral and they are circulating information on locations where Track Palin is scheduled to be deployed. Following VetVoice's lead, I will not link to those sites out of respect for our national security and the rule of law.

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  1. The date was given by the state
    department and is public knowledge.

    Because she is about to become he next VP of the United States she understands what is open and what is closed as far as security goes.