Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tennessean Covers Williamson County GOP Hatred Toward Kurds; Gets Comment from GOP Chair

Early today my statcounter told me that someone at Gannett/Tennessean was bouncing between the News 2 story and my blog post on the GOP's latest prejudiced actions against local immigrant communities, so I figured that we would see something on it from the publication soon.

Sure enough this afternoon they followed up on the News 2 piece. Their story came with comments from the author of the statement that 8,000 Kurdish Nashvillians were responsible for robberies and drug deals. It the same WilliamTNGOP official who appears in a video on the same site claiming that they are a "big tent" party accepting of diverse cultures. He is Doug Grindstaff, Chairman of the party’s Williamson County chapter.

His response to the Tennessean are nearly as eyebrow raising as his commentary about Nashville's Kurdish community and crime:
Grindstaff says his words were taken out of context.

“The piece is not about the Kurds but it’s about the fact that he media refused to carry the gang issue. It’s an outrage that we have this level of gang activity and no one reports it,” said Grindstaff.

Grindstaff adds that he was surprised any one noticed it let alone was offended by it.
Mr. Grindstaff must think we're all stupid and not attuned to prejudice when we hear it. He could only take us for simpletons, hayseeds, and dolts. After all, he is the person who wrote:
There are 8,000 Kurdish immigrants living here in Nashville trying to repay our hospitality by robbing us and dealing drugs.
How is that even remotely addressed to the media? It's just prejudiced red meat that plays to those who hate non-Christian immigrants. But, seriously, how much does a bloody red county like Williamson County need to be whipped up to put it into the Republican column? He couldn't have been Kurd-hating for strategic reasons. Perhaps he and the GOP are as anti-Kurd as his awful commentary suggests. Why the hell didn't any Williamson county or Tennessee state party members complain?

When you hate a group of people that much because of their culture, maybe you don't deserve to hold any reigns of power.

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