Monday, September 08, 2008

Williamson County McCain/Palin Supporters Apparently Vandalize Local Obama Supporters' Car

As if the Williamson Co. Republicans did not already set a reprehensible enough tone by blaming the entire Nashville Kurdish community for crimes committed by a few, it looks like GOP-friendly opponents of Barack Obama are harassing African American Franklin residents by vandalizing their car with racist epithets and statements like "White Power."

I went to the Williamsontngop website to see if perhaps they would distance themselves from the racist vandals by posting it as one of their "Outrages of the Week," but apparently the GOP is not very outraged when racists try to intimidate and harass African Americans. After singling out an entire ethnic group to blame for gang crime, I wasn't suprised that they weren't interested in reassuring African Americans; and, after all, John McCain and Sarah Palin have already written off the black community as unusable. Would our GOP neighbors agree with the vandals that Williamson Co. African Americans should "go back to Africa"? It would be consistent with some anti-immigrant views I've heard Republicans espouse.

One local conservative blogger suggested that the graffiti was a liberal conspiracy to give Democratic blogger Sean Braisted more to write about. In his case the most tenuous and tendentious explanation would seem to suffice. I know his imagination has got us all re-thinking Occam's Razor here at Enclave.

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    There was a racist graffiti incident in Franklin in June. The police called it "an isolated incident." And the homeowners group was focused on cleaning it up.

    Now that's whitewashing!