Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CM Gilmore Tells Salemtown Neighbors that Mayor Personally Assured Her of Playground

According to e-mail correspondence from CM Erica Gilmore published on the Salemtown Neighbors e-mail list, Mayor Karl Dean called her to say that this year Morgan Park will be getting the playground that Metro has been promising for 3 years now.  Morgan Park went from having the worst playground to having no playground for over a year even though the adjoining Salemtown neighborhood has a large number of kids.

Metro Council is considering a $750,000 resolution tonight "for the purchase of [recreational] equipment and building repairs for the Parks and Recreation Department," but there is no indication on the bill that this is a provision for Morgan Park, and there is a reference to computer equipment in the bill. The last I heard, Parks' planned cost for the Morgan Park playground was in the $400,000 range.

If this is the real deal this time, then kudos to both CM Gilmore, who recently took some recent action on this matter, and Mayor Dean.  However, we wait to see how real it is.

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