Thursday, December 11, 2008

CM Wants to Unprivatize Metro's Security Force

In the wake of last Christmas's stolen Election Commission laptops, Michael Craddock says Metro should fund its own security forces. Refusing to farm out vital government services to private contractors? What a novel idea.  Give Craddock points for going against the grain and attempting to bring more accountability to local government.

1 comment:

  1. Ever notice how CM Craddock and CM Gotto are always in the press trying to save the city, but you never hear of them doing anything for their own district?

    Don' they remind you of their fellow council member funded by the business coalition CM Tygard?

    Ten bucks says that Craddock and Gotto will run for Council at Large and screw the entire city much like Tygard is doing now.

    I thought that members of council were supposed to help their constituents, instead Tygard is trying to destroy everyone's neighborhood with LED signs and speaking on behalf of Habit at the Planning Commission in order to keep a PUD alive for a neighborhood that constitents in the area are highly opposed to.

    All the press reports is Tygard's coupons for trees. The press needs to wake up and quit reporting the garbage that is being fed to them and tell the citizens what these guys are really up to.

    These three CM are all on the same team-the Good Ole Boys. They could care less about the citizens of Nashville, especially those in their district.