Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Legislation Alert: Contact info for LED Task Force Members to OPPOSE new LED ordinance

The LED Task Force meets this evening at 4:00 in an as yet undisclosed place (can you say "Sunshine Law"?  Sure, I knew you could) the Mayor's Conference Room (according to the Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund) to consider a new ordinance that would essentially provide conditions to permit light emitting billboards into residential and mixed-use neighborhoods within 151 feet of the closest residential property.

Please write the Task Force and express your opposition and--if applicable--your neighborhood association's opposition to any LED signs being permitted under any conditions in residential and mixed-use neighborhoods.  Here are the email addresses of the Task Force members:

Jane Alvis (sign co. lobbyist) -- jane@alviscompany.net
Megan Barry (council member) -- Megan.Barry@nashville.gov
John Brittle (real estate) -- brittlej@realtracs.com
Stewart Clifton (planning commission) -- stewartclifton@comcast.net
Terry Cobb (codes department) -- Terry.Cobb@nashville.gov
Bob Cooper (council lawyer) -- bcooperst@bellsouth.net
Dan Haskell (hotel industry lobbyist) -- dhaskell@gsrm.com
Debby Dale Mason (chamber of commerce) -- dmason@nashvillechamber.com
Larry McWhirter (former council member) -- mcwhirterl@bellsouth.net
Anna Shepherd (Tygard-appointed neighborhood rep.) -- Anna.Shepherd@dioceseofnashville.com,
Patricia Totty (northwest neighborhood rep.) -- patricia.totty@state.tn.us
Charlie Tygard (sponsoring CM) -- Charlie.Tygard@nashville.gov
Sonny West (zoning) -- Sonny.West@nashville.gov
Chris Whitson (Belle Meade resident/BZA) -- cwhitson@sherrardroe.com
Kathryn Withers (govt. rep.) -- Kathryn.Withers@nashville.gov
Gloria Dumas (code violations judge) -- GloriaDumas@jis.nashville.org
Burkley Allen (west neighborhood rep.) -- BurkNewt@aol.com

Dang it all if this isn't coming down during another holiday season when attention and energies are focused elsewhere.

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  1. I see that Anna Shepherd's email address is connected with the Catholic Diocese. Did Tygard select her under the guise of neighborhoods, when the underlying mission is to support signs in neighborhoods for Catholic schools and churches? If she works for the Catholic Diocese, wouldn't this be a conflict of interest? Shouldn't neighborhoods have had the opportunity to select their own representatives?

    From reading the list of members on the task force, it appears that Tygard has stacked the deck. Will this Task force's recommendation really carry clout with the council when it is so stacked?

    I would really like to know the vote of such a meeting and perhaps a transcript. Perhaps they could televise it on Channel 3. This bill will change all of Nashville if it passes.