Friday, December 05, 2008

Neighborhood Leader Asks Belmont to Reconsider Rose Park, Use Greer Stadium

A letter posted on the District 17 e-mail list and delivered to two Belmont administrators in November requests that the university reconsider its plan, approved by Metro, to put three stadiums in Rose Park (which is public).  Bruce Wood encouraged the District 17 list not to give up on Rose Park, and he wrote that Belmont is aware that they "have a terrible public relations problem.

Here is the letter Wood sent to Belmont:

8 November 2008

President Bob Fisher
Belmont University
1600 Belmont Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee

Requested Action Belmont University should re-evaluate stadium construction plans in Rose Park

Dear President Bob Fisher:

I believe Belmont University should now re-evaluate apparent plans to build three intercollegiate stadiums in Rose Park. This is a very intrusive action which gained approval after Belmont University railroaded and manipulated the largely poor, elderly, and minority neighborhood. Metropolitan government failed abysmally. There was no independent review by the University or Metro of alternatives to an unprecedented take over of a large portion of a public park for use by a private university.

Now, Greer Stadium is undergoing capitol improvements. There is a new mayor. Belmont University would greatly benefit our city by having a professional, independent facilities study done including actual practice space needed by each team.

I believe proceeding along the current path will lead to an indelible mark on Belmont University and Nashville.

Thank you

Bruce Wood

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  1. ok so this is a good version of a letter i would love to send to all who are with the belmont vision....... so there should be more links as this one.