Monday, December 15, 2008

He's also the Senator from Volkswagen

In today's NY Times op-ed on the sinking German economy, Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman also takes a swipe at Bob Corker, the new golden boy of the GOP:
conservative politicians, clinging to an out-of-date ideology — and, perhaps, betting (wrongly) that their constituents are relatively well positioned to ride out the storm — are standing in the way of action.

No, I’m not talking about Bob Corker, the Senator from Nissan — I mean Tennessee — and his fellow Republicans, who torpedoed last week’s attempt to buy some time for the U.S. auto industry. (Why was the plan blocked? An e-mail message circulated among Senate Republicans declared that denying the auto industry a loan was an opportunity for Republicans to “take their first shot against organized labor.”)

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