Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Did the Reporter Accuse the Council Member of Interrogating the Mayor's Office?

The City Paper's Nate Rau, who has a penchant for staying on the favorable side of the Mayor's Office, says that Council Member Mike Jameson has a penchant for turning committee meetings with Dean Administration officials into depositions because Jameson is a lawyer.

Rau seems to assume that the rest of us louts understand exactly what separates a "basic committee meeting" from a deposition in his mind, but his criticism is consistent with the continuing soft touch for Karl Dean exhibited at the City Paper.

Jameson's fatal flaw with Rau this time? Coming to the defense of average Nashvillians who did not have a chance to give input to the Mayor's proposal or Jason Holleman's amendment to stop Dean from exercising some corporate welfare with and favoritism toward big rate payers. But the City Paper has never looked favorably on critics of the courthouse elite and their well-placed friends in the community.

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  1. I saw this meeting. Dean's men were nasty,rude and arrogant. They reminded me of the Washington crowd.

    Someone needs to tell them that they work for us. Jameson was polite, yet professional. If only we had more like him. Maybe the mayor's men are intimidated by smart, professional servants of the people. They are few and far between on the Metro Council.