Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tennessee bolsters its regressive reputation with more inbred incivility

Tennessee is not joining either the new south or the 21st Century any time soon. Instead, it has a reserved a seat in a hell-bound handbasket. The latest indignity is that it seems to be "awash in jokes about Obama's race."

The state already has a Republican Party that made Barack Obama's ethnicity an issue during the campaign, trained on his Islamic middle name, and personally attacked the First Lady's love of country.

We already have the dubious distinction of being the place where an assassination plot against Obama was hatched and planned (and ultimately foiled).

And our backwater legacy in U.S. Naval history seems secured with the establishment of a Klan troupe on the U.S.S. Tennessee in 1923 in honor of "beautiful small towns which make up Tennessee."

Did I mention that the state revoked the charter of the Highlander Folk School in 1961 because it trained people to civilly disobey segregation laws?

What a disgrace this place must seem to the rest of the country. Outside of a handful of blue counties, there is little chance that progressive ideas would ever take root here.


  1. I wonder if you're from the south, or a transplant; because the opening of this post rings of the typical ‘backwards Southern idiots’ condescension of non-southerners.

    Do you think they tell any less racist jokes in Pennsylvania or Indiana? And if you do, I have both a bridge to sale you in Brooklyn and some beach front property in Missouri.

    Yes, lots of Tennesseans are racist. Lots of New Yorkers are racist too. Trying to continually codify racism into the backwoods southern hick box does a disservice to what it is, and to how pervasive it is in this country.


  2. Things can change like the wind.

    The key to a society embracing progressive ideas is education. Education is improving in Tennessee and will continue to do so.
    The premise is simple, Conservatism attracts morons, Liberalism attracts the intelligent and freedom loving.

    The kids that just graduated from Tennessee High School here in Bristol are mostly Liberal leaning.
    None of them have that backwoods accent. They all sound like they're from Florida or California.

    Of the Old Guard Southerners here, more and more every day seem to be becoming more aware of the political atmosphere and keep asking "Republicans put us in this mess, didn't they?"

    I know it seems dark when we read about idiots and Rushtards in our great state, but it's those that don't make the news that we should be happy about.

    The situation in Tennessee is not nearly as dismal as it might seem sometimes. Big changes are coming soon.
    Keep your hopes up.