Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good Preliminary News For Salemtown Development On Coming 6th & Garfield Project

A couple of weeks ago I told you that the lots across Garfield Street from the future location of Garfield Place were being cleared by Moss Investment Partners and I included a picture. I also expressed the hope that whatever gets built there is more in line with either the clapboard character or the emerging modern aesthetic in the North End.

Well, I have finally talked with the owner of the properties and his initial intentions sound great. I cannot go into too many specifics, since discussions with architects and builders are at a sensitive preliminary stage, but I can tell you that he thinks a lot of the historical overlays in the North End and that he is trying to retain the services of builders who have worked on various projects in Germantown. He wants to build both townhouses and retail space and he intends for the structures to come up to the sidewalk and have parking in the back leading off of the alleys, which is consistent with the stricter zoning.

Understandably, his highest priority is to make money, but it's a positive thing to hear him at least saying all the right things about period construction and neighborhood character. As I explained before, the zoning of his property is "R6," so he is not bound to the more restrictive zoning of either conservation or historical overlays.

Here's hoping that good intentions translate to good construction.

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