Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scenes From Nashville's Night Out, Salemtown-Style

Salemtown Neighbors was doing its part once again last night to help prevent crime in Salemtown. Escorted by police and clad in green, a dozen or so members walked the entire length of the neighborhood three times, meeting other neighbors, passing out balloons, and encouraging participation in the association's neighborhood watch program. In a show of solidarity and mutual support, Salemtown Neighbors walked to Germantown and met up with the Historic Germantown Neighborhood Association at the latter's night-out block party.

In the wrong place at the wrong time: the evening's night out against crime festivities began on an ironic note as the woman in red on the curb was caught allegedly trying to break into a house no more than one hundred feet away from walkers just before the walk started.

Salemtown Neighbors begin their walk from the intersection of 4th Ave. and Coffee St. in the far northeast corner of the neighborhood.

Passing out balloons to Salemtown kids along the walk route.

Metro Police Mounted and Motorcycle Patrol Officers escorted Salemtown Neighbors on their walk against crime.

Horse play.

Walkers pause at a 4th Ave. apartment complex to pass out fliers and balloons.

Police escort members across 5th Ave. near Morgan Park and the Werthan Plant.

Corner of 6th Ave. and Coffee St.: the walk gave members the opportunity to speak with other Salemtown residents face-to-face about crime prevention and the neighborhood watch program.

Salemtown Neighbors promoted their next association meeting during the walk.

Salemtown Neighbors' walk ends as they meet & mingle with their hosts at the Historic Germantown Neighborhood Association's night-out Block Party on 7th Ave., North.

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