Friday, August 19, 2005

Stray Pets, Power Outages, and Salem's Lots

Fellow Salemtown resident John H. has started his own S-town-based blog, called Salem's Lots. (Golly bum, John, why didn't you ever tell me about it before?). I found out about it by reading his very funny comments in a previous post on dealing with a power outage a few nights ago. I added a link to Salem's Lots in the "Blogging City" box in the right-hand column.

John's previous comments remind me of a phone call I made to Animal Control over a week ago to report a pack of 3 or 4 strays living under a neighbor's deck. The woman on the other end of the line took my name and other information and she asked me, "Now, are these dogs strays or are they threatening to bite anyone?" I told her that I had not seen them bite anyone, an answer that I regretted after her next comment: "Well, I can't guarantee that I can get anyone out today or maybe even this week, because we have to respond immediately to threatening dogs and dog bites. Strays get moved down the priority list."

This afternoon I watched a tiny puppy romp out from under my neighbor's deck with one of the pack dogs. I couldn't help but wish I would have told her that the dogs were the most vicious I'd ever seen in the neighborhood. My neighbors will wish I had too once the smell and the fleas from underneath the deck get bad enough.


  1. Thanks for the plug.

    I need to bone up on blog etiquette..not sure going up to someone and saying, 'hey would you like to read my blog' is good form. I mean, if a blog fell in the forest and nobody read it, would it just be because of a lack of electricity or the lack of good woodsy wi-fi?

    There are at least 4 bloggers on our block alone (that i KNOW about). Wonder if there are other Salemtown bloggers..maybe someday we could have a super-blog called 'Positively 5th Avenue'...

  2. You can make "Team" based blogs that have more then one person who is able to post. It might be interesting to see what we would get with one allowing this group to have posting rights. :)

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