Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Pick To Click: Blogging From Berry Hill

I would like to introduce Enclave readers to Jonnelle, who just launched her own effort: Blogging From Berry Hill. Jonnelle describes herself as a "Nashville native who has migrated from the southern part of Davidson county into Berry Hill," where she is renovating a house.

She started Blogging From Berry Hill in order to "keep current with Berry Hill, Woodbine, and Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhoods in Nashville, TN." Since she graciously mentions and links Enclave in her maiden post, I am pleased to reciprocate: I encourage you to add Blogging From Berry Hill to your reading list.

I am also happy to say that seeing Jonnelle's blog gave me the great idea of adding a box to my standard right-hand column link offerings called "Blogging Nashville's City Neighborhoods," which I will use to link Nashville's other "hyper-local" blogs and on-line journals that focus on urban in-flight and local neighborhood development. Hyper-local blogging is a rapidly expanding niche, and I hope other writers who have toyed with the idea of jumping in it with both feet will soon do so. I have confidence that my "Blogging City" box will fill with other links sooner rather than later because of Nashville's continuing growth.

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