Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tennessean Discovers Garfield Place

As I foretold here last week, the Tennessean published a piece today on the coming luxury townhouse complex, Garfield Place. Despite the Tennessean's relatively minimalist treatment of the future complex (mostly just describing floor plans of the townhouses--Enclave reported only a little less information about the complex at the beginning of July), at least their reporters are starting to pay more attention to happenings in Salemtown; although, as commenter John H wittily observed in the previous block grant post, the Tennessean referred to the location of Garfield Place as the "Germantown area."

Also, reporter Nancy Deville contacted the Germantown Neighborhood Association for leads on Garfield Place before the good folks there referred her to Salemtown Neighbors for more information. I still cannot figure out why Salemtown Neighbors is still so invisible to the reporter whose news beat obviously (I guess) includes the Salemtown neighborhood.

For a complete run-down on Garfield Place by the realtors and builders see their website, which I linked in my "Links for the Neighborhoods" box in the right-hand column.

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