Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is MDHA Unwittingly Subsidizing Illegal Activity In The Neighborhoods?

Today's Nashville City Paper has a piece by Bill Harless on some East Nashville renters who were taking advantage of section 8 rent assistance to bankroll their illicit drug business. Even respecting privacy laws, MDHA's response as printed in the City Paper was less than encouraging to those of us who have problematic MDHA-run properties or dubious section 8 residents (without stereotyping all section 8 residents) in our neighborhoods. Pat Clark--who oversees section 8 at MDHA--was somewhat cavalier in rhetorically asking, "whether three problem households out of the 6,000 Section 8 households in Davidson County is not a good track record."

Just this past week, I heard a resident of an MDHA-owned property yelling at and physically threatening someone on her cell phone. During that screaming match, I heard her say as she walked up to her front door, "I'm at one of my houses now ..." I couldn't help but ask myself, "How does someone who qualifies for MDHA housing assistance afford more than one house?"

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  1. I really dont understand how someone can live in one of your scatter sites for 36.00 a month, with out any kids, with a job, i think it is unfair for a mother with a child or children who is not housed. some people use your assistance also. i wish i was that lucky.