Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Or Maybe The Better Term Is "Crye-Leike Hell"

Crye-Leike patrols 5th Ave. today. The green SUV is the only vehicle I see more in the North End than the ice cream vans that also swoop down and occupy our fair neighborhood during daylight hours.

This realtor is relentless! She is on Salemtown's old school like white on rice. Buyer beware, but also buyer be smart.


  1. Crye-Lieke a vulture. I'm surprised she hasn't co-opted the seemingly ubiquitous ice-cream truck so she could entice innocent children to work on their parents to put their house on the market at a typical Crye-Lieke price.

    Question: Has Crye-Lieke actually sold ANYTHING in Salemtown yet???

  2. I was told the new listing on 5th has a contract on it for the asking $187,000.00 but that it needed a mere 50,000. to rehab the house and you could then easily resell for $320,000. I was told this by Terri herself. I was told today when I inquired at the Real Estate Commissions Office that I could file a formal complaint with Mr. House 253-1177 and could download the complaint form from http://state.tn.us/comments/boards/trec/ this is iwth the Real Estate Commission TREC (home) and file a complaint.

  3. This is the actual TREC URL for filing a complaint against a licensed realtor: http://www.state.tn.us/commerce/boards/trec/complaint.html

    It also has a list of violations for which realtors may be disciplined.