Monday, October 22, 2007

Again: What Is It They Say About the Road to Hell?

A couple of local bloggers have parted with other conservatives in the attempt to set themselves against what they see as political correctness in the criticism of Governor Bredensen's "coolie" referent to Chinese peasants. Both Roger Abramson and Nathan Moore seem to agree that the Governor's choice of words should be judged solely by his intentions (which seem to have been complimentary) and not by the actions or consequences themselves.

If only good intentions always produced good consequences, then what a world it would be. Unfortunately, they don't necessarily do so. And his comment has not served the Governor or the State, because it seems to be a hotplate issue days after its publication (and based on past experience we know that mainstream blogs never blog on "dead issues"). My guess is that despite his "distaste for the niceties of everyday politics," the Governor won't be using the term again in so public a venue.

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