Thursday, October 04, 2007

Council Members Get Shout Outs

The Nashville Scene on its "Best Political Newcomer," at-Large Member Megan Barry:
As a corporate ethics officer, Barry is especially strong on good behavior in government. “I believe that for local government to be effective, citizens must have confidence that their lawmakers are acting in the best interest of the community, serving community needs and not those of special interest groups,” she says. What a novel idea.
Yes, and I wish she would have been in the Committee Chair mix.

And District 6 (Downtown/East Nashville) Council Member Mike Jameson gets some "Best of" love from CatMac:
[Before getting distracted by an unrelated website,] I was going to write a post about how Mike Jameson really is the very best Councilman in Nashville. I had already drafted a list of hints to the new council about how to return phone calls like Mike does, about how to linger when you're on the neighborhood association agenda like Mike does (instead of bailing after you've said your 90 words), about how to be both reflective of and a little bit nobler than most of the people in your neighborhood like Mike does. It was really good. Articulate and stuff and a little sentimental about having a councilman who is vaguely reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart. I liked it. Mike's a good guy and a good councilman and he deserves some blogbased shout-outs.
Consider this an echo for "Kid Jamo."

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