Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Technically, Norfolk has more gross tonnage"

Council Member Emily Evans writes that she and several other Council Members plan to swim across the Cumberland River next June to prove a point to the Environmental Protection Agency, which she argues is taking too much credit for changes that have cut back the dumping of raw sewerage into the river by the hundreds of millions of gallons. Metro Water is predictably on board (their reputation is at stake here). Check in on Ms. Evans' blog periodically, as her updates indicate that more and more leaders are signing up to take the plunge next summer.

Undeterred, fellow Council Member Charlie Tygard has pledged to swim (or wade) across the Harpeth River with a survey team and local king/sign-maker Bobby Joslin to draw attention to the plight of overregulated big-box outlets opposed by environmentally-conscious associations. (I just made up that last part. The Tygard thing is not true).

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